HOL has numerous programs covering a wide variety of needs.
Some programs are seasonal or temporary, while others are permanent, running all year long. Currently, our programs include:

Advocacy Centre

House of Lazarus Advocacy Centre is open Tuesday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Advocacy Centre provides information on various available services and resources. Drop in or make an appointment with Ralph and he will assist you in determining what services or resources you might need and how/ where to access them.

In some situations, it may be possible to arrange a meeting with a Cornwall-based agency representative at our Mountain-based Advocacy Centre.

Contact Ralph for more information

Hours: Tuesday 1PM – 4PM
Address: 2245 Simms Street, Mountain ON K0E 1S0
Email: rpulfer@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830


As an Outreach initiative, HOL takes referrals from employment services for those who need help getting dressed for interviews and/or office work.

This program provides individuals with clothes or shoes needed to help them in their effort to get back-to-work.

Note: Available styles and sizes are dependent on donations.

Contact Kim for more information

Address: 2245 Simms Street, Mountain ON K0E 1S0
Email: kmerkley@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Birthday Club

HOL’s Birthday Club ensures our Food Bank client children (up to the age of 18) feel special on their birthday. Each child/ youth will receive a gift, a book, and a party-making package.

Want to donate?

We need your help to make this happen. What we’re looking for:

  • Cake mixes & icing
  • Birthday-themed plates, napkins, cups
  • Balloons
  • Decorations for both boys & girls

Contact Kim or Marianne for more information

Address: 2245 Simms Street, Mountain ON K0E 1S0
Email: kmerkley@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Christmas Programs

Christmastime is a busy time for House of Lazarus. In addition to Project Warmth and Heat for the Holidays, we also have the following seasonal initiatives:

  • Adopt-A Program (Family, Seniors, Individual or Couple) – Christmas Dinner &/or Christmas Gifts
  • Angel Tree Program -Christmas Gifts for HOL Food Bank Client Children
  • Green Food Box Christmas – Sponsor a food bank family with a year’s supply of Green Food Box! Small box – $120 or Large box $180.​

In addition to these programs, HOL is also an active participant in the North Dundas Christmas Fund, which includes the Christmas Hamper and Snowsuit Fund programs.

Contact Kim for more information

Email: kmerkley@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Community Garden

Our garden was expanded in 2016 to include additional ground level plots, as well as four raised beds.

We plant a large variety of vegetables and herbs, which are then distributed to food bank clients and used for various gardening/cooking programs. We also use fresh produce from our garden for our Dinner on the House program during the summer months.

Contact us for more information

Address: 2245 Simms Street, Mountain ON K0E 1S0
Email: hol@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

CRA Tax Program

HOL free provides one-on-one assistance with filling out CRA Tax Returns each year. The number of people served has been steadily growing since 2016. You do not have to be a Food Bank client to access this program, as it is open to anyone with a basic income tax return.

By completing an income tax return, you could discover you’re eligible for benefits you aren’t currently receiving.

Click here for more information.

Do you need help completing your tax return?

Contact Ralph for more information

Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays
Address: 2245 Simms Street, Mountain ON K0E 1S0
Email: rpulfer@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Crockpot Cuisine

Crockpot Cuisine is an HOL Food Bank program that started in February 2019.

The program gives monthly food bank clients (seniors, families, and individuals) receive a free Crockpot, if they don’t already have one. Then, each month, these participants will receive a recipe with all the required ingredients. Those who already have Crockpots will be eligible for the monthly recipe and ingredients.

In a recent survey, the food bank discovered that roughly 40% of clients were going hungry at least one full day each month. Crockpot Cuisine is just one of HOL’s programs created in an effort to address this issue.

The purchase of 40 Crockpots was made possible through the North Grenville Community Fund, as well as a special deal through Giant Tiger Kemptville.

Contact Kim for more information

Address: 2245 Simms Street, Mountain ON K0E 1S0
Email: kmerkley@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Dinner on the House

HOL started its weekly community meal program, Dinner On the House, in May 2017.

These free meals are prepared off-site by HOL chefs and then served to attendees between 4 and 7 pm every Thursday evening at Knox Presbyterian Church on Simms Street in Mountain.

A 2016 Food Bank Client Survey revealed that roughly 40% of adult clients are going full days without food. In addition to offering a weekly opportunity to address this issue, the community meal initiative has one other goal: to bring the whole of the community together in a social setting, potentially breaking down the barriers that divide neighbours.

As a bonus, the meal gives individuals and families an opportunity to enjoy dinner, at least once a week, without having to worry about preparation or clean up!

Join Us!

This free community meal is open to everyone. Unless otherwise advertised, it happens every Thursday from 4 to 7 pm at Knox Presbyterian Church • 2227 Simms St., Mountain

Contact Kim for more information

Hours: Thursday 4PM – 7PM
Address: 2227 Simms Street, Mountain ON K0E 1S0
Email: kmerkley@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Food Explorers

This outreach program was held in the fall of 2018 at Winchester United Church.

Funded by The Hershey Company, through Food Banks Canada, House of Lazarus was able to partner with Glengarry Inter-Agency Group’s Dundas Youth Centre to allow 11 local youth aged 9 to 12 participate in the seven-week program. 

Program goals:

  • learn to follow a recipe

  • learn to safely use basic kitchen equipment & tools

  • explore a variety of foods

  • learn how food affects the human body

  • discover individual food preferences

Contact Cathy for more information

Email: cashby@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Food With Friends

This outreach program teaches nutrition, as well as cooking to local youth. In addition to preparing the meal, participants are able to sit together and enjoy the “fruits of their labour.”

Currently, this program is being funded by the Ontario Association of Food Banks Rural Kids Grant (2017 sponsor is Monsanto) and the United Church of Canada’s Gifts with Vision Program.

This program currently services the following groups:

  • Kemptville Youth Centre

  • Dundas Youth Centre

  • South Branch Elementary School’s Nutrition Program

  • Nationview Public School’s Nutrition Program

  • HOL Food Bank Children’s Lunch Program

Contact Kim for more information

Email: kmerkley@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Green Food Box

HOL, through its Linking Hands initiative, provides two opportunities every month for ordering the Green Food Box in Dundas County. The program is open to everyone. There are no limits to how many bags a person orders and they may use both the North and South Dundas services.

North Dundas Green Food Box

How to order? [PDF]Order Form [PDF]

The Green Food Box has been an active program in the Township of North Dundas for several years now. Originally run by the township, the Green Food Box has been a Linking Hands project since 2014.

Currently in North Dundas, Green Food Box orders – small ($10) and large ($15) – can be placed at the House of Lazarus in Mountain, Flair with Fabrics in Chesterville, the Township of North Dundas offices in Winchester, Carefor Nor-Dun Seniors’ Centre in Winchester, and at any North Dundas SDG Library branch. Beginning in January 2019, the Green Food Box will be available for order and pick up through Happy Face Nursery School in Chesterville and South Mountain.​

Pick up days are the fourth Wednesday of the month. (See schedule below for specific dates.)

Ordering is as simple as visiting one of the order locations, where order forms are available OR printing the order form below and taking it to an order location. Please be reminded that Green Food Boxes are paid for in cash or by e-transfer* when ordered.

South Dundas Green Food Box

How to order? [PDF]Order Form [PDF]

The Green Food Box returned to South Dundas in February 2016 with Linking Hands and House of Lazarus as the driving force behind the non-profit initiative.

The South Dundas Green Food Box pick up day is the second Wednesday of the month. (See schedule below for specific dates.) Pick up locations include the Community Food Share Food Bank in Morrisburg, the Royal Canadian Legion in Iroquois, and Happy Face Nursery School in Morrisburg, and the J.W. MacIntosh Seniors’ Support Centre in Williamsburg.

Payment in cash or by e-transfer* must be made at the time of ordering. Ordering is as simple as visiting one of the order locations, where order forms are available OR printing the order form below and taking it to an order location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in the area to be eligible to buy a bag?
No, where you live is not a determinant for eligibility.

Do I have to make a minimum amount of money per year to be eligible?
No, the program is open to everyone regardless of income.

Am I limited to one bag per month?
No, you may purchase as many bags as you like. Buying power increases with the number of bags ordered.

Can I buy from more than one Green Food Box program?
Yes. The programs are open to everyone and there are no limits.

How do you decide what goes in the bag?
There are two main things which determine the contents of your bag: the number of orders placed (money we have for the purchase) and, seasonal availability.

What is the difference between the $10 and $15 bag?
The $10 bag has between 7-10 different varieties of produce, whereas the $15 bag contains 12-15 different varieties. (For example: the $10 bag may contain four bananas, but this counts as only one variety.) Also, the $15 bag may have more “exotic” items, such as mango.

Where do you buy the produce?
We purchase our produce from a wholesaler.

How much of the money I pay for my bag is used to buy the produce?
All of it.

Can you add a pick up location in my town/village?
This program is mostly run through volunteers and no money is made by the service organization. To add a pickup location, committed, reliable volunteers would need to come forward to transport bags to the new pickup location, as well as man the pickup location.

I would like to volunteer. Who do I contact?
To volunteer for a Dundas County Green Food Box program, email scasselman@houseoflazarus.com or phone 613-989-3830.

Contact Sandy for more information

Email: scasselman@houseoflazarus.com
Phone: 613-989-3830

Handyman Heroes

Handyman Heroes is part of House of Lazarus (HOL)’s Neighbours Helping Neighbours initiative, which was created to help maintain stability in the lives of those in need. The goal is to help with basic needs, such as transportation, housing, and food security.

The Handyman Heroes project matches licensed tradespeople with families in need of home renovations or auto repairs that are urgent in nature. Currently, HOL has a local contractor who has committed to helping two families in 2018 with free labour and the use of his equipment, while HOL provides the materials for the project. Likewise, a professional mechanic came forward this past summer to volunteer his time and tools to make an HOL food bank client’s family car safe to drive. HOL provided the parts.

This project, like most HOL projects, is only possible through the generous contributions of community volunteers, those who volunteer their time, energy and expertise, as well as those who contribute financially.

Recipients of the project are asked to “Pay it Forward” by finding a way to use their skills or talents to help someone in their community.

Contact us for more information

Phone: 613-989-3830

Healing Pathway

House of Lazarus now offers Healing Pathway.

These FREE energy healing sessions, offered in a safe, welcoming space, are available on Mondays at 2:30 and 3:15 pm. These sessions are meant to assist in relieving stress, anxiety, aches and pains, and in promoting healing of the body, mind and spirit.

The Healing Pathway practitioner serves as a vessel or conduit of God’s grace and healing energy. Practitioners are not the source of the healing energy; they are merely the instrument. The aim of healing is to restore balance and harmony within the energy system and thus enable the self-healing of the individual.

We ground our work in the core values of compassion, love, honour, respect, trust, empowerment, and inclusiveness.

To Book A Sessions At House Of Lazarus

Phone: Nancy at 613-989-3830


Sessions also available through:

Hallville United Church – Mondays at 7:15 pm.
Call Nancy at 613-989-3830

Christ Church United in Chesterville – Tuesdays at 4:30 pm.
Call Tina at 613-227-8462

Heat For The Holidays

House of Lazarus (HOL) and Community Food Share (CFS) have partnered with Winchester BMR to bring Heat for the Holidays to several local food bank families. Delivered just in time for Christmas, Heat for the Holidays provides free fuel for fireplaces and woodstoves.

In 2017, each household received 84 boxes of the Eco-Energy Logs and each 24-lb box contained eight 100-per-cent-hardwood logs.  The length of burning time depends on many variables, including type of wood-burning appliance, size of the room/house being heated, and insulation.

“Our recent Linking Hands housing survey showed that 77 per cent of respondents listed Hydro costs as one of their biggest housing-related issues,” Linking Hands coordinator Sandy Casselman said. “The families we met during the delivery process were relying on fireplaces and woodstoves to keep them from needing to use their electric heat, whether it was forced air electric or baseboard heaters. Those I spoke with said they didn’t know how they would deal with the large Hydro bills if and when they need to turn the electric heat on to battle the deep chill of winter.”


House of Lazarus (HOL), in partnership with Community Food Share (CFS) and Winchester BMR, helped make several homes warmer this winter. The trio delivered roughly a month’s supply (84 boxes) of Eco-Energy Logs to 22 food bank clients between December 18 and December 20. Each day saw a representative from  CFS, two from BMR, and four from HOL gather at the County Road 31 store before heading out on a pre-planned delivery route that covered towns and villages in North Dundas, South Dundas, and North Grenville.

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830

Information & Referrals

Those looking for local resources or services who don’t know who to call or where to turn, HOL will happily direct callers/visitors to the appropriate place.

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830
Email: hol@houseoflazarus.com

Linking Hands

Linking Hands is an initiative of the House of Lazarus, created to address issues of poverty in Dundas County.​

Learn more

Medical Supplies

HOL typically has a supply of assorted medical supplies or equipment. Supplies are contingent on donations.

Typical supplies include, but are not limited to:

  • walkers

  • commodes

  • wheelchairs

  • bathroom bars

  • more

These, if we have them in stock, can be given to people in need through our Outreach Program or they can be purchased through our Mountain Treasures store.

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

The Neighbours Helping Neighbours Outreach Program was created with the objective to improve the quality of life of people in need.

This program encompasses a variety of activities that will help maintain stability in the lives of those in need. This program aims to help with basic needs, including transportation, food security, and housing stability. This program is intended to “bridge the gaps” that exist between government funded programs and the people in need of food, transportation and/or housing by using community resources. Community resources may include local businesses, donations, and volunteers.

This program covers the House of Lazarus catchment area, which typically includes the Counties of Dundas and Grenville. This program is subject to the availability of community resources.

Current projects within this Outreach Program include:

  • Handyman Heroes
  • Heat for the Holidays
  • Project Warmth
  • Youth Hunting Certification

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830

Operation Backpack

Operation Backpack is one of HOL’s newest programs.

​Launching in January 2019, HOL is partnering with three local schools to offer a supply of nutritious meals and snacks for children to eat over their weekends, free of charge. Each backpack will contain food for 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as UHT milk.

Program Goals include:

  • to provide a free source of food for children of at-risk families
  • to provide children with a nutritious supply of food over weekends, including snacks, breakfasts and lunches
  • to support the health of children of at-risk families
  • to provide nutrients through both perishable and non-perishable foods
  • to partner with local schools
  • to provide volunteer opportunities

This program was made possible through an Ontario Association of Food Banks grant with funding from Monsanto.

To keep the program going, community donations are gratefully accepted.

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830

Project Warmth

Project Warmth is a seasonal initiative that gives plastic window insulation kits to those in need. So far, in 2017, we’ve given out 300 kits (both single and five-window kits) to individuals and families through HOL Food Bank, Community Food Share, Canadian Mental Health Association, and Upper Canada Health Unit.

HOL, through its Linking Hands initiative, has partnered with Winchester BMR to make this program happen. Community donations are also a critical part of funding this initiative.

Linking Hands 2017 Housing Needs Survey showed that 77% of those surveyed need lower Hydro rates. Sixty-nine per cent indicated that their housing expenses exceed the recommended 35% of their income. Forty-three per cent said they need new window or doors. Energy efficiency showed itself as a key issue for many renters and home owners who were surveyed.

2018 Project Warmth & Heat for the Holidays [PDF]

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830

Resource Guide

To access the pdf documents, click on the section you would like to see.

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830

School Supplies

As part of its Outreach Program, HOL offers an assortment of school supplies to HOL Food Bank clients and those in need during the months of August and September.

Available items vary from year to year and supplies are dependent on donations.

Typically, we offer the following basics:

  • bookbags
  • lunch kits
  • paper
  • pens
  • markers
  • more

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830
Email: kmerkley@houseoflazarus.com

Starting Over

HOL’s Starting Over Program helps individuals and families who have experienced the loss of their home due to fire, domestic violence, or some other tragic life circumstance.

HOL helps people start over by giving them clothes, household goods, furniture, and food.

In 2016, HOL helped:

  • 3 fire victims

  • 13 women from the local women’s shelter

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830
Email: kmerkley@houseoflazarus.com


As part of its Outreach Program, HOL offers vouchers for both clothing and household goods to HOL Food Bank clients, as well as Community Food Share and Food For All Food Bank clients.

Those aged 13 and up receive new vouchers every four months, while those aged 12 and under receive vouchers ever 2 months. There are also vouchers for seasonal attire, such as winter coats and boots.

Vouchers can be used in HOL Boutique and Mountain Treasures.

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830

Youth Hunting Certificate

This program involves a partnership with Mike Barkley’s Pay It Forward program. Registration fees for Ontario Youth Hunting Certification will be covered for several youth from families in need.

Contact Us For More Information

Phone: 613-989-3830